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 [[https://​​blog/​bluetooth-wifi-gateways-and-apache-nifi/​|Bluetooth WiFi Gateways and Apache NiFi]]\\ [[https://​​blog/​bluetooth-wifi-gateways-and-apache-nifi/​|Bluetooth WiFi Gateways and Apache NiFi]]\\
 [[https://​​blog/​mqtt-vs-http-for-bluetooth-wifi-gateways/​|MQTT vs HTTP for Bluetooth WiFi Gateways?​]]\\ [[https://​​blog/​mqtt-vs-http-for-bluetooth-wifi-gateways/​|MQTT vs HTTP for Bluetooth WiFi Gateways?​]]\\
 +[[https://​​bluetooth-resources/​internet-gateways-2/​|Developing a Bluetooth Internet Gateway]]\\
 See [[manufacturers|manufacturers]] See [[manufacturers|manufacturers]]
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