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 [[https://​​what-is-bluetooth-address-BD_ADDR|What is Bluetooth Address (BD_ADDR)]]\\ [[https://​​what-is-bluetooth-address-BD_ADDR|What is Bluetooth Address (BD_ADDR)]]\\
 +[[https://​​questions/​36843/​do-bluetooth-devices-have-mac-address-with-the-same-specification-as-the-mac-add/​46262|Do Bluetooth Devices have MAC address with the same specification as the MAC addresses of the Ethernet and Wi-Fi Network cards?​]]\\ ​
 [[https://​​blog/​testing-if-a-beacon-is-working/​|Testing if a Beacon is Working]]\\ ​ [[https://​​blog/​testing-if-a-beacon-is-working/​|Testing if a Beacon is Working]]\\ ​
 +[[https://​​papers/​2013/​2013_abedi_bhaskar_chung.pdf|Bluetooth and Wi-Fi MAC Address Based Crowd Data Collection and Monitoring: Benefits, Challenges and Enhancement]]\\ ​
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