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 [[https://​​blog/​bluetooth-mesh-home-automation|Bluetooth® mesh & Home Automation]]\\ [[https://​​blog/​bluetooth-mesh-home-automation|Bluetooth® mesh & Home Automation]]\\
 [[https://​​designing-with-bluetooth-mesh-nodes-and-feature-types/​|Designing with Bluetooth Mesh: Nodes and feature types]]\\ [[https://​​designing-with-bluetooth-mesh-nodes-and-feature-types/​|Designing with Bluetooth Mesh: Nodes and feature types]]\\
-[[https://​​citation.cfm?​id=3338500.3360334|Toxic Friends in Your Network: Breaking the Bluetooth Mesh Friendship Concept]]\\ 
 [[https://​​blog/​whats-wrong-with-bluetooth-mesh/​|What’s Wrong with Bluetooth Mesh?]]\\ [[https://​​blog/​whats-wrong-with-bluetooth-mesh/​|What’s Wrong with Bluetooth Mesh?]]\\
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