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 ====== RSSI ====== ====== RSSI ======
 +The Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) is a measure of the power level at the receiver. When a device scans for Bluetooth devices, the Bluetooth radio inside the device provides a measurement of the RSSI for each seen device. It's measured in decibels, dBm, on a logarithmic scale and is negative. A more negative number indicates the device is further away. For example, a value of -20 to -30 dBm indicates the device is close while a value of -120 indicates the device is near the limit of detection.
 +[[https://​​blog/​obtaining-distance-from-rssi/​|Obtaining Distance from RSSI]]\\
 +[[https://​​download.php?​articleid=icsnc_2013_1_30_20039|Distance Estimation of Smart Device using Bluetooth]]\\
 +[[https://​​blog/​testing-if-a-beacon-is-working/​|Testing if a Beacon is Working]]\\
 +[[https://​​blog/​beacon-location-accuracy/​|Beacon Location Accuracy]]\\
 +[[https://​​blog/​beacon-signal-stability-observations/​|Beacon Signal Stability Observations]]\\
 +[[https://​​bluetoothleposition|Determining Location Using Bluetooth Beacons]]\\
 +[[https://​​publication/​8586294/​file/​8586295.pdf|Performance Comparison of RSS Algorithms for Indoor Localization in Large Open Environments]]\\
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