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 ====== System on A Chip (Soc) ====== ====== System on A Chip (Soc) ======
 +Many Bluetooth devices contain a circuit board or module that has a System on Chip (SoC). A SoC is a small computer with memory that runs software that handles Bluetooth. Combinations of SoC and software libraries are pre-[[qualification|qualified]] by SoC manufacturers so that compatibility is guaranteed. The main SoC manufacturers used for Bluetooth LE are Nordic Semiconductor,​ Dialog, TI, NXP and Toshiba.
 +[[https://​​Products/​Low-power-short-range-wireless|Nordic SoCs]]\\
 +[[https://​​bluetooth-low-energy|Dialog Bluetooth low energy]]\\
 +[[http://​​wireless-connectivity/​simplelink-solutions/​bluetooth-low-energy/​overview/​overview.html|TI Bluetooth Low Energy]]\\
 +[[https://​​products/​wireless/​bluetooth-low-energy:​BLUETOOTH-LOW-ENERGY-BLE|NXP Bluetooth Low Energy]]\\
 +[[https://​​eu/​product/​wireless-communication/​bluetooth.html|Toshiba Bluetooth]]\\
 +[[http://​​bluetooth-low-energy-ble-v4-0-development/​library/​a-guide-to-selecting-a-bluetooth-chipset/​|A Guide to Selecting a Bluetooth Chipset]]\\
 +[[https://​​designware-ip/​technical-bulletin/​advantage-bluetooth-low-energy.html|Advantages of Integrating Bluetooth Low Energy IP into a Single SoC]]\\
 +[[https://​​What-is-the-cheapest-Bluetooth-SoC-available-for-commercial-applications-Looking-at-a-million-units-per-annum-consumption|What is the cheapest Bluetooth SoC available for commercial applications?​]]\\
 +[[https://​​blog/​inside-a-beacon-part-1-the-physical-beacon/​|Inside a Beacon – Part 1 – The Physical Beacon]]\\
 +[[https://​​blog/​tiny-bluetooth-low-energy-soc-and-module/​|TINY Bluetooth® Low Energy SoC and Module]\\
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