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 [[https://​​choosingthetransmittedpower|Choosing the Transmitted Power]]\\ [[https://​​choosingthetransmittedpower|Choosing the Transmitted Power]]\\
 [[https://​​blog/​what-are-the-estimated-distances-for-tx-powers/​|What are the Estimated Distances for Tx Powers?]]\\ [[https://​​blog/​what-are-the-estimated-distances-for-tx-powers/​|What are the Estimated Distances for Tx Powers?]]\\
 +[[https://​​community/​wireless/​bluetooth/​knowledge-base.entry.html/​2018/​09/​20/​bluetooth_tx_powers-YCE3|Bluetooth Tx power settings]]\\
 Read about [[range|range]]. Read about [[range|range]].
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